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Radius Components Ltd

Pioneering Innovation and Transforming Customer Experience with MAM Software's Autopart

Radius Components

Since their establishment in 2013, truck, bus and trailer parts distributor Radius Components Ltd have harnessed the power of technology to become a progressive force within their industry. As they continue to expand and succeed amongst competitors, they persist in following their goal of becoming an innovative company dedicated to meeting the needs of customers in the commercial vehicle aftermarket parts sector. As one of the first businesses in Ireland to use MAM Software’s Autopart system, they have been able to pave the way for others on a technological level.

Radius Components Ltd began their journey with just two employees (the figure has now risen to eleven) and have been keen to pioneer innovation from the get-go. Prior to their introduction with Autopart, the company had relied on alternative software and saw a beacon of hope in the streamlined solutions that MAM Software had to offer. After conducting some research and experiencing software demonstrations, they were sold on the product.

Autopart, MAM Software’s versatile business management system, is available in both traditional on-premise and cloud based form. Ultimately, it aims to boost profitability by optimising manufacturer, distributor, motor factor and online parts retailer processes in an easy-to-use package.

Christy Deegan, Managing Director, advised that Autopart gave them the tools they needed to manage stock efficiently and interface easily with suppliers: “It transformed our customer service, making interactions more user-friendly. We appreciate the fact that it’s a very forward-thinking system and it definitely suits the way that our business operates. It’s easy to navigate around Autopart and it’s a very captive system which means we can update records quickly and effectively.”

The software’s impact additionally extended to their financial and operational decisions. Autopart enabled them to set budgets, make informed stock decisions and transform their customer service whilst giving the team access to insights with sales patterns throughout the year.

Christy states that being among the first to adopt the software in Ireland allowed Radius Components Ltd to stay ahead of the curve and stand out in a competitive market. “Around 80% of our business is based on locality so Autopart definitely gave us an advantage in terms of the local market and I would even say that in some ways we have been able to benefit on a national scale.

“Autopart is very user-friendly from both our side and the customer’s side. It has assisted us in things that you don’t often think of on a day-to-day basis such as keeping tabs on payments and outstanding invoices. Those smaller tasks often make a great difference in the big picture.”

Radius Components Ltd have experienced continuous success since they first began using Autopart and are consistently keen to find new ways to progress their growth within the industry. Christy concludes: “We are maximising the use of the tools available within the Autopart system and we believe that the way forward for us is to look at the different features available to us through Autopart. We’re keen to look into the barcoding system as we believe this will speed up our operations significantly.”

The business stands as a testament to the transformative potential of technology and innovation. Radius Components Ltd's journey with Autopart showcases the power of embracing change in the automotive industry and with Christy Deegan’s unwavering commitment and vision, the road ahead looks promising.

“With Autopart, we want to give users the power to provide an unparalleled customer experience,” Mick Forrest, Director at MAM Software stated. “When it comes to stock management, Autopart ensures you have a real-time, accurate view of your inventory and it opens up new avenues for online trading thanks to integration with various e-commerce solutions. We hope that through Autopart, we can deliver a transformative experience that drives businesses forward.”

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