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Cloud upgrade enables Kwikpart to "move with the times"

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Single site motor factor has upgraded to Autopart Online, leading to time and efficiency savings across the business

Kwikpart, a single-site motor factor that has been in business for 35 years, has made the move from the server-based version of Autopart to Autopart Online. The longstanding MAM customer has already seen efficiency savings as a result of the upgrade, which only took a matter of hours to complete.

Mark Jackson, Owner of Kwikpart, explained that his business is keen to "move with the times", and with support for Windows Server 2008/R2 coming to an end, it seemed like an ideal opportunity to look into a cloud-based system.

"Our software has worked fine for all these years, but we needed to make plans for the future. I was worried about transitioning to new technology, but the whole process has been absolutely superb," noted Mark.

The upgrade took around eight hours in total, and as there was no downtime, Mark and his team could continue selling throughout the transition.

Being cloud-based means that Autopart Online automatically secures and backs up data, which has helped save time across Kwikpart's operations. As Mark explained: "The system has been a little quicker since we moved to the cloud. We also don't have to waste time backing up our data - before we would spend 10-15 minutes doing this in the evening. Now we can just walk out of the door without having to worry."

Reflecting on how Autopart has helped his business over the years, Mark highlighted that he "likes everything" about the system. The reporting functionality is particularly impressive, not least because it enables him to see what customers are buying so he can make more informed purchasing decisions.

"The best thing that has happened to Autopart was the introduction of the catalogue," Mark said. Autocat is an online vehicle parts catalogue that integrates directly with Autopart, giving factors such as Kwikpart easy access to all the components needed for a particular vehicle or application.

"Over the years I have thoroughly enjoyed using Autopart. I know I can get in touch with MAM Software whenever there's something I'm not sure about and the support they have provided to my business over the years has been invaluable," Mark added.

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