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J4 Truck Components

J4 Truck Components invests in software and trade portal to save time and improve efficiency

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J4 Truck Components

Company expects Autopart Online and a trade portal will reduce call volumes by 75% and automate tasks

J4 Truck Components, a UK manufacturer and supplier of truck body panels, has chosen Autopart Online in conjunction with a trade portal to automate tasks across the business. The company estimates the move to ecommerce will save significant amounts of time across its operations, as well as improving order processing efficiency.

Phil Edwards, managing director of J4 Truck Components, explained how the new systems will help take the business to a new level. He revealed that he has prior experience of Autopart and was keen to see how it could benefit his latest venture.

Autopart is business management software designed to integrate core business processes, including stock management and reporting. Phil revealed that the software's accounting functionality has come a long way over recent years and will make it "much easier to manage the financial side of the business".

"We supply many of the buying groups, a lot of whom are Autopart users. Using the system ourselves will enable us to better integrate with our customer base," Phil noted.

Task automation was a main priority for J4 Truck Components. "On our current website, customers can see parts and pricing, but not our stock levels. Many of them pick up the phone to get this information.

"We estimate that the new trade portal will reduce our incoming calls by as much as 75%, leading to savings on labour costs across the business. A lot of our customers also place their orders over the phone, but we are hopeful they will soon grow in confidence when it comes to using the online system," said Phil.

This latest investment was the next logical step for J4 Truck Components, which has experienced rapid expansion over the past few years. Its previous system was simply not capable of handling the level of growth the company has experienced.

"Stock levels are increasing and so are the number of part lines; our previous system couldn't handle this expansion but we are confident in the capabilities of our new software," Phil highlighted.

J4 Truck Components has selected the cloud-based version of Autopart, which will bring added benefits to the company. Phil highlighted that having the relevant software in place will make it easier for staff to work remotely, as they can access data stored within the cloud from anywhere with a suitable internet connection.

"Our experience of working with MAM Software has been very good so far; we are looking forward to going live with our new system in the near future," Phil added.

Mark Kendall, sales director at MAM Software, said: "J4 Truck Components has identified the need to become more efficient, and we are confident that Autopart and a trade portal will help them achieve this.

"Customers have come to expect online ordering capabilities from retailers, and offering this can only position J4 Truck Components for future success."

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